Clustering on the Torus by Conformal Prediction

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Documentation for package ‘ClusTorus’ version 0.0.1

Help Pages

ang.dist Angular distance
ang.minus Angular subtraction
ang.pdist Pairwise L2 angular distance
cluster.assign.number Number of clusters for each ellipsoid numbers
cluster.assign.torus Clustering by connected components of ellipsoids
cp.torus.kde Conformal prediction set indices with kernel density estimation
EMsinvMmix Fitting mixtures of bivariate von Mises distribution
grid.torus Grid on torus
icp.torus.eval Inductive prediction sets for each level
icp.torus.score Conformity score for inductive prediction sets
ILE ILE: Structure of the Isoleucine
kde.torus Kernel density estimation using circular von Mises distribution
kmeans.kspheres K-Means Clustering to K-Spheres Clustering on Torus
kmeans.torus K-Means Clustering on Torus
on.torus Transform the angular data to be on principal interval
pred.kmeans.torus Prediction for Extrinsic Kmeans Clustering
SARS_CoV_2 6VXX: Structure of the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein(closed state)
tor.minus Toroidal subtraction
wtd.stat.ang Weighted extrinsic mean direction and mean resultant length