Framework for Building Interfaces to Shell Commands

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Documentation for package ‘cmdfun’ version 1.0.2

Help Pages

.check_valid_command_path Checks path is valid
.check_valid_util Checks for valid members of subdirectory
cmd_args_all Return all named arguments and arguments passed as dots from parent function call
cmd_args_dots return function dots from parent function as named list
cmd_args_named Return all named arguments from parent function call
cmd_error_if_missing Check that file(s) exist, error if not
cmd_file_combn Generates list of expected output files
cmd_file_expect Creates list of paths by file extension & checks they exist
cmd_help_flags_similar Suggest alternative name by minimizing Levenshtein edit distance between valid and invalid arguments
cmd_help_flags_suggest Error & Suggest different flag name to user
cmd_help_parse_flags Parses commandline help options to return vector of valid flag names
cmd_install_check Wrapper function for checking an install
cmd_install_is_valid Macro for constructing boolean check for valid path
cmd_list_drop Drop entries from list of flags by name, name/value pair, or index
cmd_list_drop_named Drop items by name from list
cmd_list_interp Convert list of function arguments to list of command flags
cmd_list_keep keep entries from list of flags by name, name/value pair, or index
cmd_list_keep_named Keep items by name from list
cmd_list_to_flags Convert flag list to vector of command flags
cmd_path_search Macro for constructing target path validators
cmd_ui_file_exists Checks if file exists, returns pretty status message