Choice Item Response Theory

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Documentation for package ‘cIRT’ version 1.3.1

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cIRT-package cIRT: Choice Item Response Theory
center_matrix Center a Matrix
choice_matrix Choice Matrix Data
cIRT Generic Implementation of Choice IRT MCMC
direct_sum Direct Sum of Matrices
Generate_Choice Generate Observed Data from choice model
payout_matrix Payout Matrix Data
probitHLM Probit Hierarchical Level Model
riwishart Generate Random Inverse Wishart Distribution
rmvnorm Generate Random Multivariate Normal Distribution
rwishart Generate Random Wishart Distribution
survey_data Survey Data
Total_Tabulate Calculate Tabulated Total Scores
trial_matrix Trial Matrix Data
TwoPLChoicemcmc Two Parameter Choice IRT Model MCMC
_PACKAGE cIRT: Choice Item Response Theory