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Documentation for package ‘altair’ version 4.2.3

Help Pages

&.altair.vegalite.v4.api.TopLevelMixin Altair plot concatenation
+.altair.vegalite.v4.api.TopLevelMixin Altair plot concatenation
alt Altair object
altair_concatenation Altair plot concatenation
altair_version Installed versions of Altair, Vega, etc.
as_chart Create Altair chart from vegaspec
as_vegaspec Coerce to vegaspec
as_vegaspec.altair.vegalite.v4.api.TopLevelMixin Coerce to vegaspec
check_altair Check the Altair installation
image Create or write image
import_vega_data Import Vega datasets
install_altair Install Altair Python package
knit_print.altair.vegalite.v4.api.TopLevelMixin Knit-print method
knit_print.vegaspec Knit-print method
renderVegawidget Render shiny-output for vegawidget
vegawidget Create a Vega/Vega-Lite htmlwidget
vegawidgetOutput Shiny-output for vegawidget
vega_embed Vega embed options
vw_as_json Coerce vegaspec to JSON
vw_set_base_url Set base URL
vw_to_bitmap Create or write image
vw_to_svg Create or write image
vw_write_png Create or write image
vw_write_svg Create or write image
|.altair.vegalite.v4.api.TopLevelMixin Altair plot concatenation