Search and Retrieve Scientific Publication Records from PubMed

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Documentation for package ‘easyPubMed’ version 2.13

Help Pages

articles_to_list Cast PubMed Data into a List of Articles
article_to_df Extract Data from a PubMed Record
batch_pubmed_download Download PubMed Records in XML or TXT Format
custom_grep Retrieve Text Between XML Tags
EPMsamples PubMed Records downloaded and analyzed via easyPubMed
fetch_all_pubmed_ids Retrieve All PubMed Record Identifiers Returned by a Query
fetch_pubmed_data Retrieve PubMed Data in XML or TXT Format
get_pubmed_ids Simple PubMed Record Search
get_pubmed_ids_by_fulltitle Simple PubMed Record Search by Full-length Title
PubMed_stopwords PubMed Records about Bladder Research from Northwestern University
table_articles_byAuth Extract Publication and Affiliation Data from PubMed Records
trim_address Trim and Format Address Information