Distance Metrics for Image Color Similarity

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Documentation for package ‘colordistance’ version 1.1.2

Help Pages

chisqDistance Chi-square distance between vectors
colorDistance Sum of Euclidean distances between color clusters
combineClusters Average 3D color histograms by subdirectory
combineList Combine a list of cluster features into a single cluster set
convertColorSpace Convert between color spaces
EMDistance Earth mover's distance between two sets of color clusters
exportTree Export a distance matrix as a tree object
extractClusters Extract cluster values and sizes from kmeans fit objects
getColorDistanceMatrix Distance matrix for a list of color cluster sets
getHistColors Vector of hex colors for histogram bin coloration
getHistList Generate a list of cluster sets for multiple images
getImageHist Generate a 3D histogram based on color distribution in an image
getImagePaths Fetch paths to all valid images in a given directory
getKMeanColors Fit pixels to clusters using KMeans clustering
getKMeansList Get KMeans clusters for every image in a set
getLabHist Generate a 3D histogram based on CIE Lab color coordinates in an image
getLabHistList Generate a list of cluster sets in CIE Lab color space
heatmapColorDistance Plot a heatmap of a distance matrix
imageClusterPipeline Generate and plot a color distance matrix from a set of images
loadImage Import image and generate filtered 2D pixel array(s)
normalizeRGB Normalize pixel RGB ratios
orderClusters Order color clusters to minimize overall color distance between pairs
pause Pause and wait for user input
plotClusters Plot clusters in 3D color space
plotClustersMulti Plot several different cluster sets together
plotHist Color histogram of binned image
plotImage Display an image in a plot window
plotPixels Plot pixels in color space
removeBackground Remove background pixels in image
scatter3dclusters Plot 3D clusters in a 2D plot
weightedPairsDistance Distance between color clusters with user-specified color/size weights