Composite-Based Structural Equation Modeling

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Documentation for package ‘cSEM’ version 0.5.0

Help Pages

Anime Data: Anime
args_default Show argument defaults or candidates
assess Assess model
Benitezetal2020 Data: Benitezetal2020
BergamiBagozzi2000 Data: BergamiBagozzi2000
calculateAVE Average variance extracted (AVE)
calculateCFI Model fit measures
calculateChiSquare Model fit measures
calculateChiSquareDf Model fit measures
calculateCN Model fit measures
calculateDf Degrees of freedom
calculateDG Calculate difference between S and Sigma_hat
calculateDL Calculate difference between S and Sigma_hat
calculateDML Calculate difference between S and Sigma_hat
calculatef2 Calculate Cohens f^2
calculateFLCriterion Fornell-Larcker criterion
calculateGFI Model fit measures
calculateGoF Goodness of Fit (GoF)
calculateHTMT HTMT
calculateIFI Model fit measures
calculateModelSelectionCriteria Model selection criteria
calculateNFI Model fit measures
calculateNNFI Model fit measures
calculateRhoC Reliability
calculateRhoT Reliability
calculateRMSEA Model fit measures
calculateRMSTheta Model fit measures
calculateSRMR Model fit measures
calculateVIFModeB Calculate variance inflation factors (VIF) for weights obtained by PLS Mode B
calculateWeightsGSCA Calculate composite weights using GSCA
calculateWeightsGSCAm Calculate weights using GSCAm
calculateWeightsKettenring Calculate composite weights using GCCA
calculateWeightsPCA Calculate composite weights using principal component analysis (PCA)
calculateWeightsPLS Calculate composite weights using PLS-PM
calculateWeightsUnit Calculate composite weights using unit weights
csem Composite-based SEM
dgp_2ndorder_cf_of_c Data: Second order common factor of composites
distance_measures Calculate difference between S and Sigma_hat
doIPMA Do an importance-performance matrix analysis
doNonlinearEffectsAnalysis Do a nonlinear effects analysis
doRedundancyAnalysis Do a redundancy analysis
exportToExcel Export to Excel (.xlsx)
fit Model-implied indicator or construct variance-covariance matrix
fit_measures Model fit measures
getConstructScores Get construct scores
infer Inference
ITFlex Data: ITFlex
LancelotMiltgenetal2016 Data: LancelotMiltgenetal2016
parseModel Parse lavaan model
plot.cSEMIPMA 'cSEMIPMA' method for 'plot()'
plot.cSEMNonlinearEffects 'cSEMNonlinearEffects' method for 'plot()'
PoliticalDemocracy Data: political democracy
predict Predict indicator scores
reliability Reliability
resamplecSEMResults Resample cSEMResults
resampleData Resample data
Russett Data: Russett
satisfaction Data: satisfaction
satisfaction_gender Data: satisfaction including gender
Sigma_Summers_composites Data: Summers
SQ Data: SQ
summarize Summarize model
Switching Data: Switching
testCVPAT Perform a Cross-Validated Predictive Ability Test (CVPAT)
testHausman Regression-based Hausman test
testMGD Tests for multi-group comparisons
testMICOM Test measurement invariance of composites
testOMF Test for overall model fit
threecommonfactors Data: threecommonfactors
verify Verify admissibility
Yooetal2000 Data: Yooetal2000