Design of Observational Studies, Companion to the Second Edition

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Documentation for package ‘DOS2’ version 0.5.2

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addalmostexact Use a Penalty to Obtain a Near Exact Match
addcaliper Implement a Caliper Using a Penalty Function in Optimal Matching
angristlavy Class Size and Academic Performance - Maimonidies Rule
antineoplastic Biomonitoring of Workers Exposed to Antineoplastic Drugs
cohere Sensitivity Analysis for a Coherent Signed Rank Statistic With Multiplicity Correction
costa Welding and DNA-Protein Crosslinks
crosscut Crosscut Test and its Sensitivity Analysis
crosscutplot Scatterplot Associated with the Cross-Cut Test
dynarski A Natural Experiment Concerning Subsidized College Education
fine Expand a Distance Matrix for Matching with Fine Balance.
frontseat Safety Belts in Vehicle Crashes
hcyst Homocysteine and Smoking
lead Lead in Children
mahal Mahalanobis Distance Matrix for Optimal Matching
NSW National Supported Work Randomized Experiment
periodontal Smoking and Periodontal Disease
pinto Welding and DNA-Protein Crosslinks
planScheffe Combining One Planned Comparison and a Scheffe Correction For All Comparisons.
schoket DNA Damage in Aluminum Production Workers
senU Sensitivity Analysis for a New U Statistic
senWilcox Sensitivity Analysis for Wilcoxon's Signed-rank Statistic
senWilcoxExact Exact Sensitivity Analysis for Wilcoxon's Signed-rank Statistic
smahal Robust Mahalanobis Distance Matrix for Optimal Matching
tannery DNA Damage Among Tannery Workers
teeth Smoking and Periodontal Disease.
werfel Welding Fumes and DNA Damage