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Documentation for package ‘easyr’ version 0.5-11

Help Pages

%ni% Not-In
astext As Text
atype Auto-Type
begin Begin
binbyvol Bin by Volume
bindf Bind Rows with Factors
cache.init Initialize cache.
cache.ok Check Cache Status
cblind cblind
cc Concatenate.
char2fac Characters to Factors
charnum Check for Number Formatted as Character.
checkeq Check Value or Control Total
clear.cache Clear Cache
coalf Factor-friendly Coalesce
crun Concatenate and run.
ddiff Date difference (or difference in days).
dict Get Data Dictionary
drows Get Rows with Duplicates
ecopy Copy to Clipboard
eq NA-Friendly Equality Comparison
fac2char Factors to Characters
fjoinf Full Join with Factors
fldict Get Data Dictionary for Files in Folder
fmat Number Formatter
getbetterint Get better Int
getinfo Get Info
gr Golden Ratio
hashfiles Hash Files
headers_row Identify headers row.
ijoinf Inner Join with Factors
ischar Shorthand for is.character
isdate Shorthand for lubridate::is.Date
isfac Shorthand for is.factor
isnum Shorthand for is.numeric
isval Is Valid / Is a Value / NA NULL Check
jrepl Join and Replace Values.
left left
likedate Like Date
ljoinf Left Join with Factors
match.factors Match Factors.
mdiff Date Difference in Months
mid mid
na Shorthand for
namesx Names Like
nan Shorthand for is.nan
nanull NA / NULL Check
nastrings NA Strings
null Shorthand for is.null
pad0 Pad with Zeros
qdiff Date Difference in Quarters
rany_fixColNames Fix column names.
read.any Read Any File
read.txt Read File as Text
right right
runfolder Run Folder
rx Read Excel
save.cache Save Cache Saves the arguments to a cache file, using the cache.num last checked with cache.ok.
sch Search a Data Frame.
spl Sample
states states
strx Structure with Like
sumnum Summarize All Numeric Columns
tcmsg tryCatch with Message
tcol Transpose at Column.
tcwarn tryCatch with warning
tobool Convert to Logical/Boolean
tochar Shorthand for as.character
todate Convert to Date
tonum Convert to Number
usepkg Use Package
validate.equal Validate Equal
w Write
xldate Convert Excel Number to Date
ydiff Date Difference in Years