Fast and Beautiful Interactive Visualization for 'Markdown' and 'Shiny'

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Documentation for package ‘d3po’ version 0.3.2

Help Pages

d3po An 'htmlwidget' interface to the d3po javascript chart library
d3po-shiny Shiny bindings for 'd3po'
d3po_graph Graph
d3po_output Shiny bindings for 'd3po'
d3po_proxy Shiny bindings for 'd3po'
daes Aesthetics
pokemon pokemon
po_area Area
po_bar Bar
po_box Boxplot
po_edges Graph
po_font Font
po_labels Labels
po_layout Graph
po_legend Legend
po_line Line
po_nodes Graph
po_pie Pie
po_scatter scatter
po_title Title
po_treemap Treemap
render_d3po Shiny bindings for 'd3po'