Balanced and Spatially Balanced Sampling

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Documentation for package ‘BalancedSampling’ version 2.0.6

Help Pages

cube The Cube method
cubestratified The Cube method
genpopPoisson Generate populations
genpopUniform Generate populations
getPips Inclusion probabilities proportional-to-size
hlpm2 Hierarchical Local Pivotal Method 2
lcps Spatially Correlated Poisson Sampling
lcube The Local Cube method
lcubestratified The Local Cube method
lpm The (Local) Pivotal Methods
lpm1 The (Local) Pivotal Methods
lpm1s The (Local) Pivotal Methods
lpm2 The (Local) Pivotal Methods
rpm The (Local) Pivotal Methods
sb Spatial balance
sblb Spatial balance
scps Spatially Correlated Poisson Sampling
spm The (Local) Pivotal Methods
vsb Variance estimator for spatially balanced samples