Mixed Effect Model with the Box-Cox Transformation

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Documentation for package ‘bcmixed’ version 0.1.4

Help Pages

aidscd4 CD4 Cells Count Data in Aids Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
bcmarg Marginal Model of the Mixed Effect Model with the Box-Cox Transformation.
bcmixed bcmixed: A package for mixed effect models with the Box-Cox transformations.
bcmmrm Model Median Inference for Longitudinal Data in Randomized Clinical Trials.
bcmmrmObject Fitted bcmmrm Object
bcreg Linear regression model with the Box-Cox Transformation.
bct Applying the Box-Cox Transformation.
bct.v Applying the Box-Cox Transformation to a numeric vector.
boxplot.bcmmrm Box-whisker plot for a bcmmrm Object.
plot.bcmmrm Plot a bcmmrm Object.
summary.bcmmrm Summarize a bcmmrm Object.