Bayesian Additive Regression Trees

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Help Pages

ankara benchmark_datasets
automobile Data concerning automobile prices.
bartMachine Build a BART Model
bartMachineArr Create an array of BART models for the same data.
bartMachineCV Build BART-CV
bart_machine_get_posterior Get Full Posterior Distribution
bart_machine_num_cores Get Number of Cores Used by BART
bart_predict_for_test_data Predict for Test Data with Known Outcomes
baseball benchmark_datasets
boston benchmark_datasets
build_bart_machine Build a BART Model
build_bart_machine_cv Build BART-CV
calc_credible_intervals Calculate Credible Intervals
calc_prediction_intervals Calculate Prediction Intervals
check_bart_error_assumptions Check BART Error Assumptions
compactiv benchmark_datasets
cov_importance_test Importance Test for Covariate(s) of Interest
destroy_bart_machine Destroy BART Model (deprecated - do not use!)
dummify_data Dummify Design Matrix
extract_raw_node_data Gets Raw Node data
get_projection_weights Gets Training Sample Projection / Weights
get_sigsqs Get Posterior Error Variance Estimates
get_var_counts_over_chain Get the Variable Inclusion Counts
get_var_props_over_chain Get the Variable Inclusion Proportions
interaction_investigator Explore Pairwise Interactions in BART Model
investigate_var_importance Explore Variable Inclusion Proportions in BART Model
k_fold_cv Estimate Out-of-sample Error with K-fold Cross validation
linearity_test Test of Linearity
node_prediction_training_data_indices Gets node predictions indices of the training data for new data.
ozone benchmark_datasets
pd_plot Partial Dependence Plot
plot_convergence_diagnostics Plot Convergence Diagnostics
plot_y_vs_yhat Plot the fitted Versus Actual Response
pole benchmark_datasets
predict.bartMachine Make a prediction on data using a BART object
predict_bartMachineArr Make a prediction on data using a BART array object
print.bartMachine Summarizes information about a 'bartMachine' object.
rmse_by_num_trees Assess the Out-of-sample RMSE by Number of Trees
set_bart_machine_num_cores Set the Number of Cores for BART
summary.bartMachine Summarizes information about a 'bartMachine' object.
triazine benchmark_datasets
var_selection_by_permute Perform Variable Selection using Three Threshold-based Procedures
var_selection_by_permute_cv Perform Variable Selection Using Cross-validation Procedure benchmark_datasets
wine.white benchmark_datasets