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Documentation for package ‘cleanr’ version 1.4.0

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cleanr-package Helps You to Code Cleaner
check_directory Check a Directory
check_file Check a File
check_file_layout Check a File's Layout
check_file_length File Checks
check_file_width File Checks
check_functions_in_file Check All Functions Defined in a File
check_function_layout Check a Function's Layout
check_line_width Function Checks
check_nesting_depth Function Checks
check_num_arguments Function Checks
check_num_lines Function Checks
check_num_lines_of_code Function Checks
check_package Check a Package
check_return Function Checks
file_checks File Checks
function_checks Function Checks
gco Get options for 'cleanr'
get_cleanr_options Get options for 'cleanr'
set_cleanr_options Set Options for 'cleanr'