Crew Launcher Plugins for Traditional High-Performance Computing Clusters

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Documentation for package ‘crew.cluster’ version 0.3.1

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crew.cluster-package crew.cluster: crew launcher plugins for traditional high-performance computing clusters
crew_class_launcher_lsf *[Experimental]* LSF launcher class
crew_class_launcher_pbs *[Maturing]* PBS/TORQUE launcher class
crew_class_launcher_sge *[Maturing]* SGE launcher class
crew_class_launcher_slurm *[Experimental]* SLURM launcher class
crew_class_monitor_sge *[Experimental]* SGE monitor class
crew_class_monitor_slurm *[Experimental]* SLURM monitor class
crew_controller_lsf *[Experimental]* Create a controller with a LSF launcher.
crew_controller_pbs *[Experimental]* Create a controller with a PBS/TORQUE launcher.
crew_controller_sge *[Maturing]* Create a controller with a Sun Grid Engine (SGE) launcher.
crew_controller_slurm *[Experimental]* Create a controller with a SLURM launcher.
crew_launcher_lsf *[Experimental]* Create a launcher with LSF workers.
crew_launcher_pbs *[Experimental]* Create a launcher with PBS or TORQUE workers.
crew_launcher_sge *[Maturing]* Create a launcher with Sun Grid Engine (SGE) workers.
crew_launcher_slurm *[Experimental]* Create a launcher with SLURM workers.
crew_monitor_sge *[Experimental]* Create a SGE monitor object.
crew_monitor_slurm *[Experimental]* Create a SLURM monitor object.