Exact Calculation of Basket Trial Operating Characteristics

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Documentation for package ‘baskexact’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

adjust_lambda Adjust Lambda
adjust_lambda-method Adjust Lambda
basket_test Test for the Results of a Basket Trial
basket_test-method Test for the Results of a Basket Trial
check_mon_between Check Between-Trial Monotonicity
check_mon_between-method Check Between-Trial Monotonicity
check_mon_within Check Within-Trial Monotonicity
check_mon_within-method Check Within-Trial Monotonicity
OneStageBasket Class OneStageBasket
OneStageBasket-class Class OneStageBasket
pow Power
pow-method Power
setupOneStageBasket Setup OneStageBasket
toer Type 1 Error Rate
toer-method Type 1 Error Rate