Gradient Boosting

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Documentation for package ‘bst’ version 0.3-23

Help Pages

balanced.folds Internal Function
bst Boosting for Classification and Regression
bst.sel Function to select number of predictors
bst_control Control Parameters for Boosting
coef.bst Boosting for Classification and Regression
cv.bst Cross-Validation for Boosting
cv.mada Cross-Validation for one-vs-all AdaBoost with multi-class problem
cv.mbst Cross-Validation for Multi-class Boosting
cv.mhingebst Cross-Validation for Multi-class Hinge Boosting
cv.mhingeova Cross-Validation for one-vs-all HingeBoost with multi-class problem
cv.rbst Cross-Validation for Nonconvex Loss Boosting
cv.rmbst Cross-Validation for Nonconvex Multi-class Loss Boosting
cvfolds Internal Function
error.bars Internal Function
ex1data Generating Three-class Data with 50 Predictors
fpartial.bst Boosting for Classification and Regression
fpartial.mbst Boosting for Multi-Classification
fpartial.mhingebst Boosting for Multi-class Classification
gaussloss Internal Function
gaussngra Internal Function
gradient Internal Function
hingeloss Internal Function
hingengra Internal Function
loss Internal Function
loss.mbst Internal Function
loss.mhingebst Internal Function
mada Multi-class AdaBoost
mbst Boosting for Multi-Classification
mbst_fit Internal Function
mhingebst Boosting for Multi-class Classification
mhingebst_fit Internal Function
mhingeova Multi-class HingeBoost
ngradient Internal Function
nsel Find Number of Variables In Multi-class Boosting Iterations
permute.rows Internal Function
plot.bst Boosting for Classification and Regression
plotCVbst Internal Function
predict.bst Boosting for Classification and Regression
predict.mbst Boosting for Multi-Classification
predict.mhingebst Boosting for Multi-class Classification
print.bst Boosting for Classification and Regression
print.mbst Boosting for Multi-Classification
print.mhingebst Boosting for Multi-class Classification
print.mhingeova Multi-class HingeBoost
rbst Robust Boosting for Robust Loss Functions
rbstpath Robust Boosting Path for Nonconvex Loss Functions
rmbst Robust Boosting for Multi-class Robust Loss Functions