Chandler-Bate Sandwich Loglikelihood Adjustment

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Documentation for package ‘chandwich’ version 1.1.5

Help Pages

adjust_loglik Loglikelihood adjustment using the sandwich estimator
anova.chandwich Comparison of nested models
chandwich chandwich: Chandler-Bate Sandwich Loglikelihood Adjustment
coef.chandwich Extract model coefficients method for objects of class "chandwich"
compare_models Comparison of nested models
confint.chandwich Confidence intervals for model parameters
conf_intervals Confidence intervals
conf_region Two-dimensional confidence regions
logLik.chandwich Extract log-likelihood for objects of class "chandwich"
log_gev The Generalised Extreme Value Log-Density Function
owtemps Oxford and Worthing annual maximum temperatures
plot.chandwich Plot diagnostics for a chandwich object
plot.confint Plot diagnostics for a confint object
plot.confreg Plot diagnostics for a confreg object
print.chandwich Print method for objects of class "chandwich"
print.compmod Print method for objects of class "compmod"
print.confint Print method for objects of class "confint"
print.summary.chandwich Print method for objects of class "summary.chandwich"
profile_loglik Profile loglikelihood
rats Rat tumor data
summary.chandwich Summarizing adjusted loglikelihoods
vcov.chandwich Calculate the variance-covariance model for an object of class "chandwich"