ATPOL Grid Implementation

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Documentation for package ‘atpolR’ version 0.1.1

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atpol100k atpol100k creates ATPOL grid 100km x 100km and returns it as sf object
atpol10k atpol10k returns ATPOL grid 10x10 km and returns it as sf object
atpol1k atpol1k creates ATPOL grid 1km x 1km and returns it as sf object
atpol_div atpol_div creates ATPOL grid divided by 2, 4 or 5 (based on divider parameter) and returns it as sf object. Useful for grids like 5 x 5 km (divider = 2), 250 x 250 m (divider = 4) or 20 x 20 m (divider = 5). For details see Verey and Komsta (2018)
boundaryPL boundaryPL reads the file data/pl_boundary.Rds with simplified boundary geometry.
check_atpol_square Reverse engineering of published ATPOL grids
grid_to_latlon grid_to_latlon converts the ATPOL grid to latitude and longitude. With 'xoffset = 0' and 'yoffset = 0' parameters it returns coordinates of the upper left corner of the grid.
latlon_to_grid latlon_to_grid(lat, lon, length) converts geographical coordinates to ATPOL grid of given length
plotPoitsOnAtpol plotPoitsOnAtpol() plots the observations on ATPOL 10km x 10km grid