Semi-Automatic Grading of R and Rmd Scripts

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Documentation for package ‘autoharp’ version 0.0.10

Help Pages

adj_list_2_matrix Convert adjacency list to a matrix
as.matrix TreeHarp Cast a TreeHarp to Matrix.
autoharp autoharp: Semi-Automatic Grading of R and Rmd Scripts
carve_mst Carve a Minimal Spanning Tree Out
carve_subtree Carve out branches to form a new tree.
check_correctness Check correctness of student solution rmd.
check_rmd Check if a File is Rmd
check_runtime Calculate Run-time Statistics
clean_dir Removes md Files when no HTML Present
copy_e2e Copy an object from one env to another.
count_fn_call Forestharp helpers
count_fn_in_fn Forestharp helpers
count_lam_fn Forestharp helpers
count_lints_all Lint counter
count_lints_one File lint counter
count_self_fn Forestharp helpers
detect_fn_arg Forestharp helpers
detect_fn_call_in_for Forestharp helpers
detect_for_in_fn_def Forestharp helpers
detect_growing Forestharp helpers
detect_nested_for Forestharp helpers
env_size Calculates the Total Memory Used
examplify_to_r Convert from Examplify to R
extract_actual_args Forestharp helpers
extract_assigned_objects Forestharp helpers
extract_chunks Extract chunks that match a pattern.
extract_fn_call Forestharp helpers
extract_formal_args Forestharp helpers
extract_non_chunks Extract non-chunks from an Rmd file.
extract_self_fn Forestharp helpers
fapply Apply a function to a forest of trees.
find_branch_num Find the branch that leads from one node to another.
forestharp-helpers Forestharp helpers
generate_all_subtrees Generate all subtrees from a tree.
generate_thumbnails Generate a html of thumbnails
get_adj_list Generic for Getting Adjacency List
get_adj_list-method Generic for Getting Adjacency List
get_child_ids Generic for Getting Child Node Ids
get_child_ids-method Generic for Getting Child Node Ids
get_child_ids2 Get the children node ids
get_levels Obtains the node levels from a tree.
get_libraries Extracts the Packages Used in An Rmd File.
get_next_depth_id Get the id and depth of a child node.
get_next_subtree Generate the next sub-tree.
get_node_types Generic for Getting Node Types
get_node_types-method Generic for Getting Node Types
get_parent_call_id Get Node Id of Parent Call
get_parent_id Generic for Getting Parent Node Id.
get_parent_id-method Generic for Getting Parent Node Id.
get_parent_id2 Get the parent node id
get_recursive_index Obtain an index to extract out a sub-call
get_summary_output Function to extract the summary content
is_connected Checks if a graph is connected.
is_cyclic_r Checks if a graph contains any cycles.
is_subtree_rooted_at Checks if a tree is rooted at a node of another tree.
jaccard_treeharp Computes Jaccard Index
join_treeharps Root a list of trees.
K2 Compute tree similarity
keep_branches Keep only branches specified by node numbers
lang_2_tree Convert language object to tree.
length-method An R expression as a tree.
log_summary Generate a dataframe from the log file.
lum_local_match Match Filenames from LumiNUS.
matrix_2_adj_list Convert adjacency matrix to a list.
names-method An R expression as a tree.
path_to_root Extract a path from node to root.
plot-method TreeHarp Plotting TreeHarp Objects
populate_soln_env Returns solution environment and test code from template.
prune_depth Prune a tree up to a specified depth.
rbind_to_nodes_info Update node information.
remove_extension Obtains the Root File Name, without Extension.
render_one Run a single Rmd file through autoharp.
replace_sp_chars_filename Replace Special Characters in File Name
reset_path Reset search path of current R session
rmd_to_forestharp Convert to TreeHarp objects
rmd_to_token_count Count tokens in R/Rmd
run_tuner Runs the student-facing feedback app
show-method An R expression as a tree.
subtree_at Extract a sub-tree.
to_BFS Function to rearrage nodes in BFS
TreeHarp An R expression as a tree.
TreeHarp-class An R expression as a tree.
TreeHarp-method An R expression as a tree.
tree_sim Compute tree similarity
update_adj_list Update adjacency list.