A Companion Package for the Book "A Course in Statistics with R"

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ACSWR-package An R Companion Package for the Book "A Course in Statistics with R"
abrasion_index Abrasion Index for the Tire Tread
ACSWR An R Companion Package for the Book "A Course in Statistics with R"
adjectives A Dataset for Factor Analysis
atombomb Japanese atomic bomb survivors
battery Two Factorial Experiment for Battery Data
Binom_Sim Simulation for Binomial Distribution
bottling A Three Factorial Experiment for Bottling Data
bs Simulated Sample from Binomial Distribution
bs1 British Doctors Smoking and Coronary Heart Disease
caesareans The Cesarean Cases
calcium The Calcium in Soil
cardata Car Data
chdage Coronary Heart Disease
chemicaldata Chemical Reaction Experiment
chest The Militiamen's Chest Dataset
cloud The Cloud Seeding Data
cork The Cork Dataset
cs Random Samples from Cauchy Distribution
depression The Hamilton Depression Scale Factor
Disease Disease Outbreak Study
Ehrenfest Generate transition probability matrix of Ehrenfest model
flight Injuries in Airflights
Geom_Sim Simulation for Geometric Distribution
girder Strength Data Set of a Girder Experiment
hardness Hardness and a Block Experiment
hearing Hearing Loss Data
hw Height-Weight Covariance Study
insurance Insurance Claims Data
intensity Blocking for Intensity Data Set
kurtcoeff Coefficient of Kurtosis
life Life Expectancies
lowbwt The Low-Birth Weight Problem
LRNormal2Mean Likelihood Ratio Test for Equality of Means when Variance Unknown
LRNormalMean_KV Likelihood ratio test for equality of mean when the variance is known
LRNormalMean_UV Likelihood ratio test for mean when variance is unknown
LRNormalVariance_UM Likelihood ratio test for the variance of normal distribution with mean is unknown
lval Letter Values
memory Memory Recall Times
mfp Psychological Tests for Males and Females
MPbinomial Most Powerful Binomial Test
MPNormal Most Powerful Test for Normal Distribution
MPPoisson Most Powerful Test for Poisson Distribution
msteptpm m-step Transition Probability Matrix Computation
Mucociliary Mucociliary Clearance
nerve The Nerve Data
ns Simulated Sample from Normal Distribution
olson The Olson Heart Lung Dataset
pareto_density Pareto density
pareto_quantile Quantile of Pareto RV
Poisson_Sim Simulation for Poisson Distribution
powertestplot A Function to Plot the Power of a UMP Test for Normal Distribution
ps Simulated Sample from Poisson Distribution
pw The Linguistic Probe Word Analysis
QH_CI Quesenberry-Hurst Simultaneous Confidence Interval
reaction Chemical Reaction Experiment
resistant_line Resistant Line EDA Regression Technique
rocket Rocket Propellant
rocket_Graeco Rocket Propellant Example Extended
rootstock Apple of Different Rootstock
sample Simulated Dataset
sheishu The Seishu Wine Study
shelf_stock The Shelf-Stocking Data
siegel.tukey Siegel-Tukey Nonparametric Test
skewcoeff A simple and straightforward function to compute the coefficient of skewness
somesamples Scatter Plots for Understanding Correlations
SP Understanding Strength of Paper with a Three Factorial Experiment
stationdistTPM A function which will return the stationary distribution of an ergodic Markov chain
stiff The Board Stiffness Dataset
ST_Ordered Simulating Random Observations from an Arbitrary Distribution
ST_Unordered Simulating Random Observations from an Arbitrary Distribution (ordered probabilities)
swiss Forged Swiss Bank Notes
tc The Toluca Company Labour Hours against Lot Size
tensile The Tensile Strength Experiment
testtpm A transition probability matrix
testtpm2 A matrix of transition probability matrix, second example
testtpm3 A matrix of transition probability matrix, third example
TM Trimmed Mean
TMH Trimean based on hinges instead of quartiles
UMPExponential Uniformly Most Powerful Test for Exponential Distribution
UMPNormal Uniformly Most Powerful Test for Normal Distribution
UMPUniform Uniformly Most Powerful Test for Uniform Sample
usc US Crime Data
viscos The Box-Cox Transformation for Viscosity Dataset
vonNeumann von Neumann Random Number Generator
waterquality Testing for Physico-chemical Properties of Water in 4 Cities
WilsonCI Wilson Confidence Interval
ww.test Wald-Wolfowitz Nonparametric Test
x_bimodal Understanding kernel smoothing through a simulated dataset
yb Youden and Beale's Data on Lesions of Half-Leaves of Tobacco Plant