Record Linkage for Empirically Motivated Priors

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Documentation for package ‘blink’ version 1.1.0

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check_IDs Check whether 2 records which are estimated to be linked have the same IDs
identity.RLdata500 identity.RLdata500
links Function that returns the shared MPMMS (except with an easier condition to code than JASA paper). Function to make a list of vectors of estimated links by "P(MPMMS)>0.5" method Note: The default settings return only MPMMSs with multiple members. This function takes a set of pairwise links and identifies correct, incorrect, and missing links (correct = estimated and true, incorrect = estimated but not true, missing = true but not estimated)
mms Function to compute a record's Maximal Matching Set (MMS) based on a single linkage structure
mpmms Function to compute a record's MPMMS based on a Gibbs sampler. Note: It returns a list of the MPMMS ($mpmms) and its probability ($prob)
pairwise Function to take links list that may contain 3-way, 4-way, etc. and reduce it to pairwise only (e.g., a 3-way link 12-45-78 is changed to 2-way links: 12-45, 12-78, 45-78
rl.gibbs Gibbs sampler for empirically motivated Bayesian record linkage
RLdata500 RLdata500