Biodemography Functions

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Documentation for package ‘Biodem’ version 0.5

Help Pages

col.sto Turns a Migration Matrix into a Column Stochastic Matrix
Fst Calculates the Fst from the conditional kinship matrix
hedrick Calculates the Hedrick standardized kinship coefficient
lasker Calculates the lasker kinship coeffcient
mal.cond Calculates a Conditional Kinship matrix
mal.eq Calculates the asymptotic generation for the Malecot model
mal.phi Calculates a kinship matrix using the Malecot Migration Model
mar.iso Observed and Random Marital Isonymy
mtx.exp Calculates the n-th power of a matrix
N Effective population vector
P Column stochastic migration matrix
r.pairs Observed and Random Repeated Pairs Coefficients
raw.mig A raw migration data
rel.cond Calculates a conditional kinship matrix from isonymy data
rel.phi Calculates an 'a priori' kinship matrix from isonymy data
rri Calculates an unbiased estimate of Regional Random Isonymy
S Systematic pressure matrix
sur.freq Calculates surnames frequency tables
sur.inbr Total, Random and Non-random Inbreeding Coefficients
surnames Surname frequency table
sym.P Calculate the symmetric column stochastic matrix
uri Calculates the Unbiased Random Isonymy matrix
valley Raw marriage data