Complete Stochastic Modelling Solution

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Documentation for package ‘CoSMoS’ version 2.1.0

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CoSMoS-package CoSMoS: Complete Stochastic Modelling Solution
acs AutoCorrelation Structure
actpnts AutoCorrelation Transformed Points
advectionF Advection fields
advectionFhyperbolic Hyperbolic advection field
advectionFradial Radial advection field
advectionFrotation Rotational advection field
advectionFspiral Spiraling advection field
advectionFspiralCE Spiraling advection field satisfying continuity equation
advectionFuniform Uniform advection field
analyzeTS The Functions analyzeTS, reportTS, and simulateTS
anisotropyT Anisotropy transformation
anisotropyTaffine Affine anisotropy transformation
anisotropyTswirl Swirl anisotropy transformation
anisotropyTwave Wave anisotropy transformation
BurrIII Burr Type III distribution
BurrXII Burr Type XII distribution
checkRF Numerical and visual check of generated random fields
checkTS Check generated timeseries
dburrIII Burr Type III distribution
dburrXII Burr Type XII distribution
dgev Generalized extreme value distribution
dggamma Generalized gamma distribution
disch Daily streamflow data data
dparetoII Pareto type II distribution
fitactf Fit the AutoCorrelation Transformation Function
fitDist Distribution fitting
fitVAR VAR model parameters to simulate correlated parent Gaussian random vectors and fields
generateMTS Simulation of multiple time series with given marginals and spatiotemporal properties
generateMTSFast Faster simulation of multiple time series with approximately separable spatiotemporal correlation structure
generateRF Simulation of random field with given marginals and spatiotemporal properties
generateRFFast Faster simulation of random fields with approximately separable spatiotemporal correlation structure
generateTS Generate timeseries
GEV Generalized extreme value distribution
GGamma Generalized gamma distribution
mburrIII Burr Type III distribution
mburrXII Burr Type XII distribution
mgev Generalized extreme value distribution
mggamma Generalized gamma distribution
moments Numerical estimation of moments
mparetoII Pareto type II distribution
ParetoII Pareto type II distribution
pburrIII Burr Type III distribution
pburrXII Burr Type XII distribution
pgev Generalized extreme value distribution
pggamma Generalized gamma distribution
plot.acti AutoCorrelation Transformation Function visualisation
plot.checkTS Plot method for check results
plot.cosmosts Plot generated Timeseries
pparetoII Pareto type II distribution
precip Hourly station precipitation data
qburrIII Burr Type III distribution
qburrXII Burr Type XII distribution
qgev Generalized extreme value distribution
qggamma Generalized gamma distribution
qparetoII Pareto type II distribution
quickTSPlot Quick visualization of basic timeseries properties
rburrIII Burr Type III distribution
rburrXII Burr Type XII distribution
regenerateTS Bulk Timeseries generation
reportTS The Functions analyzeTS, reportTS, and simulateTS
rgev Generalized extreme value distribution
rggamma Generalized gamma distribution
rparetoII Pareto type II distribution
sample.moments Estimation of sample moments
simulateTS The Functions analyzeTS, reportTS, and simulateTS
stcfclayton Clayton SpatioTemporal Correlation Structure
stcfgneiting14 Gneiting-14 SpatioTemporal Correlation Structure
stcfgneiting16 Gneiting-16 SpatioTemporal Correlation Structure
stcs SpatioTemporal Correlation Structure