A Collection of Database, Data Structure, Visualization, and Utility Functions for R

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Documentation for package ‘caroline’ version 0.9.0

Help Pages

addFactLevs Add new levels to the Factors in a DataFrame.
bestBy Find the "best" record within subgroups of a dataframe.
dbWriteTable2 Data Import Wrapper for dbWriteTable.
distro.dots Distribution plot of points
geomean Calculate the Geometric Mean
groupBy Group a datafame by a factor and perform aggreate functions.
heatmatrix Simple Heatmap Plot
hyperplot Annotate Outliers in a Scatterplot via an HTML Image-Map
install.prev.pkg Install the next oldest package
labsegs Buffered Segments for Point Labels
leghead Generate a Color Coded Legend dataframe via head and sum.
m Regexp Match Operator
makeElipseCoords Make Elipse Coordinates
mvlabs Move Text Labels Interactively
nerge Named Merge
nv Create a named vector from a dataframe, table or vector
pad Pad a vector of numerical string with zeros.
parseArgString Process Command Line Arguments
pct Add Percentage Columns to a Dataframe
pies Pie chart scatterplot
plot.spie Spie charts
plotClock Plot a simple clock.
raAddArms Add Arms to a RA plot.
raAddAxLabs Add axis labels to an RA plot.
raAddSigLines Add Significance Lines to an RA plot.
raPlot Generate a Ratio Average [RAy] Plot.
read.tab Read in a Tab Delimited File.
regroup Regroup a dataframe.
rerowname Rename select rows of a dataframe
spie Spie charts
sstable Sum Sorted Tabulation
tab2df Table to Data Frame
textplot A Text-Only Plot
usr2lims Grab and adjust the current plot dimensions
vennMatrix Create a Venn Ready Matrix out of a List of Factors
wjitter Weighted Jitter
write.delim Write a (tab) delimited text file.