A Collection of Database, Data Structure, Visualization, and Utility Functions for R

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Documentation for package ‘caroline’ version 0.9.2

Help Pages

addFactLevs Add new levels to the Factors in a DataFrame.
bestBy Find the "best" record within subgroups of a dataframe.
dbWriteTable2 Data Import Wrapper for dbWriteTable.
distro.dots Distribution plot of points
geomean Calculate the Geometric Mean
groupBy Group a datafame by a factor and perform aggreate functions.
heatmatrix Simple Heatmap Plot
hyperplot Annotate Outliers in a Scatterplot via an HTML Image-Map
install.prev.pkg Install the next oldest package
labsegs Buffered Segments for Point Labels
leghead Generate a Color Coded Legend dataframe via head and sum.
m Regexp Match Operator
makeElipseCoords Make Elipse Coordinates
mvlabs Move Text Labels Interactively
nerge Named Merge
nv Create a named vector from a dataframe, table or vector
pad Pad a vector of numerical string with zeros.
parseArgString Process Command Line Arguments
pct Add Percentage Columns to a Dataframe
pies Pie chart scatterplot
plot.sparge Visually compare all points from different univariate distributions
plot.spie Spie charts
plotClock Plot a simple clock.
raAddArms Add Arms to a RA plot.
raAddAxLabs Add axis labels to an RA plot.
raAddSigLines Add Significance Lines to an RA plot.
raPlot Generate a Ratio Average [RAy] Plot.
read.tab Read in a Tab Delimited File.
regroup Regroup a dataframe.
rerowname Rename select rows of a dataframe
sparge Visually compare all points from different univariate distributions
sparge.plot Visually compare all points from different univariate distributions
spie Spie charts
sstable Sum Sorted Tabulation
tab2df Table to Data Frame
textplot A Text-Only Plot
usr2lims Grab and adjust the current plot dimensions
vennMatrix Create a Venn Ready Matrix out of a List of Factors
wjitter Weighted Jitter
write.delim Write a (tab) delimited text file.