Automate Data Exploration and Treatment

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Documentation for package ‘DataExplorer’ version 0.8.3

Help Pages

configure_report Configure report template
create_report Create report
drop_columns Drop selected variables
dummify Dummify discrete features to binary columns
group_category Group categories for discrete features
introduce Describe basic information
plot_bar Plot bar chart
plot_boxplot Create boxplot for continuous features
plot_correlation Create correlation heatmap for discrete features
plot_density Plot density estimates
plot_histogram Plot histogram
plot_intro Plot introduction
plot_missing Plot missing value profile
plot_prcomp Visualize principal component analysis
plot_qq Plot QQ plot
plot_scatterplot Create scatterplot for all features
plot_str Visualize data structure
profile_missing Profile missing values
set_missing Set all missing values to indicated value
split_columns Split data into discrete and continuous parts
update_columns Update variable types or values