Set of Tools to Compute Various Climate Indices

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Documentation for package ‘ClimProjDiags’ version 0.3.3

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AnoAgree Percentage of anomalies which agrees with the sign of the mean anomaly for multidimensional arrays
ArrayToList Split an array into list by a given array dimension
Climdex Wrapper for applying the climdex routine ETCCDI climate change indices to n-dimensional arrays.
CombineIndices Combine weighted indices of n-dimensional arrays
DailyAno Daily anomalies
DTRIndicator Diurnal temperature range indicator (DTR) of multidimensional arrays
DTRRef Diurnal temperature range of multidimensional arrays
Extremes Sum of spell lengths exceeding daily threshold for n-dimensional arrays
Lon2Index Obtain the index of positions for a region in longitudes
SeasonSelect Selects a season from daily data for multidimensional arrays
SelBox Select spatial region from multidimensional arrays
ShiftLon Shift longitudes of a data array
Subset Subset a Data Array
Threshold Daily thresholds based on quantiles for n-dimensional arrays
WaveDuration Heat and cold waves duration for n-dimensional arrays
WeightedCells Compute the square-root of the cosine of the latitude weighting on the given array.
WeightedMean Calculate spatial area-weighted average of multidimensional arrays