Co-Clustering Package for Binary, Categorical, Contingency and Continuous Data-Sets

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Documentation for package ‘blockcluster’ version 4.5.5

Help Pages

binarydata Simulated Binary Data-set
BinaryOptions-class Binary input/output options
blockcluster Co-Clustering Package
categoricaldata Simulated categorical Data-set
CategoricalOptions-class Categorical input/output options
cocluster Co-Clustering function.
coclusterBinary Co-Clustering function for Binary data.
coclusterCategorical Co-Clustering function for categorical data-sets.
coclusterContingency Co-Clustering function.
coclusterContinuous Co-Clustering function.
coclusterStrategy Strategy function
CommonOptions-class Common Input/Output options.
contingencydatalist Simulated Contingency Data-set
contingencydataunknown Simulated Contingency Data-set
ContingencyOptions-class Contingency input/output options
ContinuousOptions-class Continuous input/output options
gaussiandata Simulated Gaussian Data-set
plot Plot function.
plot-method Plot function.
strategy-class Strategy function
summary Summary function.
summary-method Summary function.
XEMStrategy An EM strategy to obtain a good optimum.
[ Getter method for blockcluster output
[-method Getter method for blockcluster output