Another Plot Package: 'Bagplots', 'Iconplots', 'Summaryplots', Slider Functions and Others

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Documentation for package ‘aplpack’ version 1.3.5

Help Pages

bagplot bagplot, a bivariate boxplot
bagplot.pairs 'pairs' plot with bagplots
boxplot2D Boxplot of projection of two dimensional data
compute.bagplot bagplot, a bivariate boxplot
faces Chernoff Faces
gslider slider / button control widgets
hdepth hdepth of points
iconplot Icon Plots for Visualization of Contingency Tables
plot.bagplot bagplot, a bivariate boxplot
plot.faces Chernoff Faces
plothulls plothulls for data peeling
plotsummary graphical summaries of variables of a data set
puticon Add Icon(s) to a Plot
skyline.hist 'skyline.hist' computes a skyline plot which is special histogram.
slider slider / button control widgets
slider.bootstrap.lm.plot interactive bootstapping for lm
slider.brush.pairs interactive brushing functions
slider.brush.plot.xy interactive brushing functions
slider.density interactive histogram and density traces
slider.hist interactive histogram and density traces
slider.lowess.plot interactive lowess smoothing
slider.smooth.plot.ts interactive Tukey smoothing
slider.split.plot.ts interactive splitting of time series
slider.stem.leaf construction of stem and leaf display interactively
slider.zoom.plot.ts interactive zooming of time series
spin3R spin3R
stem.leaf stem and leaf display and back to back stem and leaf display
stem.leaf.backback stem and leaf display and back to back stem and leaf display