idByAuthor {bibliometrix}R Documentation

Get Complete Author Information and ID from Scopus


Uses SCOPUS API author search to identify author identification information.


idByAuthor(df, api_key)



is a dataframe composed of three columns:

lastname author's last name
firstname author's first name
affiliation Part of the affiliation name (university name, city, etc.)

i.e. df[1,1:3]<-c("aria","massimo","naples") When affiliation is not specified, the field df$affiliation have to be NA. i.e. df[2,1:3]<-c("cuccurullo","corrado", NA)


is a character. It contains the Elsevier API key. Information about how to obtain an API Key Elsevier API website


a data frame with cases corresponding to authors and variables to author's information and ID got from SCOPUS.

See Also

retrievalByAuthorID for downloading the complete author bibliographic collection from SCOPUS


## Request a personal API Key to Elsevier web page
# api_key="your api key"

## create a data frame with the list of authors to get information and IDs
# i.e. df[1,1:3]<-c("aria","massimo","naples")
#      df[2,1:3]<-c("cuccurullo","corrado", NA)

## run idByAuthor function
# authorsID <- idByAuthor(df, api_key)

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