convert2df {bibliometrix}R Documentation

Import and Convert bibliographic export files and API objects.


It converts a SCOPUS, Clarivate Analytics WoS, Dimensions,, PubMed and COCHRANE Database export files or pubmedR and dimensionsR JSON/XML objects into a data frame, with cases corresponding to articles and variables to Field Tags as used in WoS.


convert2df(file, dbsource = "wos", format = "plaintext")



a character array containing a sequence of filenames coming from WoS, Scopus, Dimensions,, and Pubmed. Alternatively, file can be an object resulting from an API query fetched from Dimensions, PubMed or OpenAlex databases:

a) 'wos' Clarivate Analytics WoS (in plaintext '.txt', Endnote Desktop '.ciw', or bibtex formats '.bib');
b) 'scopus' SCOPUS (exclusively in bibtex format '.bib');
c) 'dimensions' Digital Science Dimensions (in csv '.csv' or excel '.xlsx' formats);
d) 'lens' (in csv '.csv');
e) 'pubmed' an object of the class pubmedR (package pubmedR) containing a collection obtained from a query performed with pubmedR package;
f) 'dimensions' an object of the class dimensionsR (package dimensionsR) containing a collection obtained from a query performed with dimensionsR package;
g) 'openalex' a data frame object returned by openalexR package, containing a collection of works resulting from a query fetched from OpenAlex database.

is a character indicating the bibliographic database. dbsource can be dbsource = c('cochrane','dimensions','generic','isi','openalex', 'pubmed','scopus','wos', 'lens') . Default is dbsource = "isi".


is a character indicating the format of the SCOPUS and Clarivate Analytics WoS export file. format can be c('api', 'bibtex', 'csv', 'endnote','excel','plaintext', 'pubmed'). Default is format = "plaintext".


a data frame with cases corresponding to articles and variables to Field Tags in the original export file.

I.e We have three files downlaod from Web of Science in plaintext format, file will be:

file <- c("filename1.txt", "filename2.txt", "filename3.txt")

data frame columns are named using the standard Clarivate Analytics WoS Field Tag codify. The main field tags are:

AU Authors
TI Document Title
SO Publication Name (or Source)
JI ISO Source Abbreviation
DT Document Type
DE Authors' Keywords
ID Keywords associated by SCOPUS or WoS database
AB Abstract
C1 Author Address
RP Reprint Address
CR Cited References
TC Times Cited
PY Year
SC Subject Category
UT Unique Article Identifier
DB Database

for a complete list of field tags see: Field Tags used in bibliometrix


# Example:
# Import and convert a Web of Science collection form an export file in plaintext format:

## Not run: 
files <- ''

M <- convert2df(file = files, dbsource = 'wos', format = "plaintext")

## End(Not run)

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