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Summarizing bibliometric analysis results


summary method for class 'bibliometrix'


## S3 method for class 'bibliometrix'
summary(object, ...)



is the object for which a summary is desired.


can accept two arguments:
k integer, used for table formatting (number of rows). Default value is 10.
pause logical, used to allow pause in screen scrolling of results. Default value is pause = FALSE.
width integer, used to define screen output width. Default value is width = 120. verbose logical, used to allow screen output. Default is TRUE.


The function summary computes and returns a list of summary statistics of the object of class bibliometrics.

the list contains the following objects:

MainInformation Main Information about Data
AnnualProduction Annual Scientific Production
AnnualGrowthRate Annual Percentage Growth Rate
MostProdAuthors Most Productive Authors
MostCitedPapers Top manuscripts per number of citations
MostProdCountries Corresponding Author's Countries
TCperCountries Total Citation per Countries
MostRelSources Most Relevant Sources
MostRelKeywords Most Relevant Keywords

See Also

biblioAnalysis function for bibliometric analysis

plot to draw some useful plots of the results.


data(scientometrics, package = "bibliometrixData")

results <- biblioAnalysis(scientometrics)


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