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Get Author Content on SCOPUS by ID


Uses SCOPUS API search to get information about documents on a set of authors using SCOPUS ID.


retrievalByAuthorID(id, api_key, remove.duplicated = TRUE, country = TRUE)



is a vector of characters containing the author's SCOPUS IDs. SCOPUS IDs con be obtained using the function idByAuthor.


is a character. It contains the Elsvier API key. Information about how to obtain an API Key Elsevier API website


is logical. If TRUE duplicated documents will be deleted from the bibliographic collection.


is logical. If TRUE authors' country information will be downloaded from SCOPUS.


a list containing two objects: (i) M which is a data frame with cases corresponding to articles and variables to main Field Tags named using the standard ISI WoS Field Tag codify. M includes the entire bibliographic collection downloaded from SCOPUS. The main field tags are:

AU Authors
TI Document Title
SO Publication Name (or Source)
DT Document Type
DE Authors' Keywords
ID Keywords associated by SCOPUS or ISI database
AB Abstract
C1 Author Address
RP Reprint Address
TC Times Cited
PY Year
UT Unique Article Identifier
DB Database

(ii) authorDocuments which is a list containing a bibliographic data frame for each author.

LIMITATIONS: Currently, SCOPUS API does not allow to download document references. As consequence, it is not possible to perform co-citation analysis (the field CR is empty).

See Also

idByAuthor for downloading author information and SCOPUS ID.


## Request a personal API Key to Elsevier web page

## api_key="your api key"

## create a data frame with the list of authors to get information and IDs
# i.e. df[1,1:3] <- c("aria","massimo","naples")
#      df[2,1:3] <- c("cuccurullo","corrado", "naples")

## run idByAuthor function
# authorsID <- idByAuthor(df, api_key)

## extract the IDs
# id <- authorsID[,3]

## create the bibliographic collection
# res <- retrievalByAuthorID(id, api_key)
# M <- res$M  # the entire bibliographic data frame
# M <- res$authorDocuments # the list containing a bibliographic data frame for each author

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