readFiles {bibliometrix}R Documentation

DEPRECATED: Load a sequence of ISI or SCOPUS Export files into a large character object


The function readFiled is deprecated. You can import and convert your export files directly using the function convert2df.





is a sequence of names of files downloaded from WOS.(in plain text or bibtex format) or SCOPUS Export file (exclusively in bibtex format).


a character vector of length the number of lines read.

See Also

convert2df for converting SCOPUS of ISI Export file into a dataframe


# WoS or SCOPUS Export files can be read using \code{\link{readFiles}} function:

# largechar <- readFiles('filename1.txt','filename2.txt','filename3.txt')

# filename1.txt, filename2.txt and filename3.txt are ISI or SCOPUS Export file 
# in plain text or bibtex format.

# D <- readFiles('')

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