networkStat {bibliometrix}R Documentation

Calculating network summary statistics


networkStat calculates main network statistics.


networkStat(object, stat = "network", type = "degree")



is a network matrix obtained by the function biblioNetwork or an graph object of the class igraph.


is a character. It indicates which statistics are to be calculated. stat = "network" calculates the statistics related to the network; stat = "all" calculates the statistics related to the network and the individual nodes that compose it. Default value is stat = "network".


is a character. It indicates which centrality index is calculated. type values can be c("degree", "closeness", "betweenness","eigenvector","pagerank","hub","authority", "all"). Default is "degree".


The function networkStat can calculate the main network statistics from a bibliographic network previously created by biblioNetwork.


It is a list containing the following elements:

graph a network object of the class igraph
network a communities a list with the main statistics of the network
vertex a data frame with the main measures of centrality and prestige of vertices.

See Also

biblioNetwork to compute a bibliographic network.

cocMatrix to compute a co-occurrence matrix.

biblioAnalysis to perform a bibliometric analysis.


# EXAMPLE Co-citation network

# to run the example, please remove # from the beginning of the following lines
# data(scientometrics, package = "bibliometrixData")

# NetMatrix <- biblioNetwork(scientometrics, analysis = "co-citation", 
#      network = "references", sep = ";")

# netstat <- networkStat(NetMatrix, stat = "all", type = "degree")

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