Hindex {bibliometrix}R Documentation

h-index calculation


It calculates the authors' h-index and its variants.


Hindex(M, field = "author", elements = NULL, sep = ";", years = Inf)



is a bibliographic data frame obtained by the converting function convert2df. It is a data matrix with cases corresponding to manuscripts and variables to Field Tag in the original SCOPUS and Clarivate Analytics WoS file.


is character. It can be equal to c("author", "source"). field indicates if H-index have to be calculated for a list of authors or for a list of sources. Default value is field = "author".


is a character vector. It contains the authors' names list or the source list for which you want to calculate the H-index. When the field is "author", the argument has the form C("SURNAME1 N","SURNAME2 N",...), in other words, for each author: surname and initials separated by one blank space. If elements=NULL, the function calculates impact indices for all elements contained in the data frame. i.e for the authors SEMPRONIO TIZIO CAIO and ARIA MASSIMO elements argument is elements = c("SEMPRONIO TC", "ARIA M").


is the field separator character. This character separates authors in each string of AU column of the bibliographic data frame. The default is sep = ";".


is a integer. It indicates the number of years to consider for Hindex calculation. Default is Inf.


an object of class "list". It contains two elements: H is a data frame with h-index, g-index and m-index for each author; CitationList is a list with the bibliographic collection for each author.

See Also

convert2df to import and convert an WoS or SCOPUS Export file in a bibliographic data frame.

biblioAnalysis function for bibliometric analysis.

summary to obtain a summary of the results.

plot to draw some useful plots of the results.


### EXAMPLE 1: ###
data(scientometrics, package = "bibliometrixData")

authors <- c("SMALL H", "CHEN DZ")

Hindex(scientometrics, field = "author", elements = authors, sep = ";")$H

Hindex(scientometrics, field = "source", elements = "SCIENTOMETRICS", sep = ";")$H

### EXAMPLE 2: Garfield h-index###
data(garfield, package = "bibliometrixData")

indices=Hindex(garfield, field = "author", elements = "GARFIELD E", years=Inf, sep = ";")

# h-index, g-index and m-index of Eugene Garfield

# Papers and total citations

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