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Historical co-citation network


histNetwork creates a historical citation network from a bibliographic data frame.


histNetwork(M, min.citations, sep = ";", network = TRUE, verbose = TRUE)



is a bibliographic data frame obtained by the converting function convert2df. It is a data matrix with cases corresponding to manuscripts and variables to Field Tag in the original SCOPUS, OpenAlex, Lens.org and Clarivate Analitics Web of Science file.


DEPRECATED. New algorithm does not use this parameters. It will be remove in the next version of bibliometrix.


is the field separator character. This character separates strings in CR column of the data frame. The default is sep = ";".


is logical. If TRUE, fuction calculates and returns also the direct citation network. If FALSE, the function returns only the local citation table.


is logical. If TRUE, results are printed on screen.


histNetwork returns an object of class "list" containing the following components:

NetMatrix the historical co-citation network matrix
histData the set of n most cited references
M the bibliographic data frame

See Also

convert2df to import and convert a supported export file in a bibliographic data frame.

summary to obtain a summary of the results.

plot to draw some useful plots of the results.

biblioNetwork to compute a bibliographic network.


## Not run: 
data(management, package = "bibliometrixData")

histResults <- histNetwork(management, sep = ";")

## End(Not run)

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