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Reference Publication Year Spectroscopy


rpys computes a Reference Publication Year Spectroscopy for detecting the Historical Roots of Research Fields. The method was introduced by Marx et al., 2014.


rpys(M, sep = ";", timespan = NULL, graph = T)



is a data frame obtained by the converting function convert2df. It is a data matrix with cases corresponding to articles and variables to Field Tag in the original ISI or SCOPUS file.


is the cited-references separator character. This character separates cited-references in the CR column of the data frame. The default is sep = ";".


is a numeric vector c(min year,max year). The default value is NULL (the entire timespan is considered).


is a logical. If TRUE the function plot the spectroscopy otherwise the plot is created but not drawn down.


Marx, W., Bornmann, L., Barth, A., & Leydesdorff, L. (2014). Detecting the historical roots of research fields by reference publication year spectroscopy (RPYS). Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 65(4), 751-764.


a list containing the spectroscopy (class ggplot2) and three dataframes with the number of citations per year, the list of the cited references for each year, and the reference list with citations recorded year by year, respectively.

See Also

convert2df to import and convert an ISI or SCOPUS Export file in a data frame.

biblioAnalysis to perform a bibliometric analysis.

biblioNetwork to compute a bibliographic network.


data(scientometrics, package = "bibliometrixData")
res <- rpys(scientometrics, sep=";", graph = TRUE)

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