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Meta-Field Tag Extraction


It extracts other field tags, different from the standard WoS/SCOPUS codify.


metaTagExtraction(M, Field = "CR_AU", sep = ";", aff.disamb = TRUE)



is a data frame obtained by the converting function convert2df. It is a data matrix with cases corresponding to articles and variables to Field Tag in the original WoS or SCOPUS file.


is a character object. New tag extracted from aggregated data is specified by this string. Field can be equal to one of these tags:

"CR_AU" First Author of each cited reference
"CR_SO" Source of each cited reference
"AU_CO" Country of affiliation for co-authors
"AU1_CO" Country of affiliation for the first author
"AU_UN" University of affiliation for each co-author and the corresponding author (AU1_UN)
"SR" Short tag of the document (as used in reference lists)

is the field separator character. This character separates strings in each column of the data frame. The default is sep = ";".


is a logical. If TRUE and Field="AU_UN", then a disambiguation algorithm is used to identify and match scientific affiliations (univ, research centers, etc.). The default is aff.disamb=TRUE.


the bibliometric data frame with a new column containing data about new field tag indicated in the argument Field.

See Also

convert2df for importing and converting bibliographic files into a data frame.

biblioAnalysis function for bibliometric analysis


# Example 1: First Authors for each cited reference

data(scientometrics, package = "bibliometrixData")
scientometrics <- metaTagExtraction(scientometrics, Field = "CR_AU", sep = ";")
unlist(strsplit(scientometrics$CR_AU[1], ";"))

#Example 2: Source for each cited reference

scientometrics <- metaTagExtraction(scientometrics, Field = "CR_SO", sep = ";")
unlist(strsplit(scientometrics$CR_SO[1], ";"))

#Example 3: Affiliation country for co-authors

scientometrics <- metaTagExtraction(scientometrics, Field = "AU_CO", sep = ";")

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