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Do an importance-performance matrix analysis







A cSEMResults object.'


Performs an importance-performance matrix analysis (IPMA).

To calculate the performance and importance, the weights of the indicators are unstandardized using the standard deviation of the original indicators but normed to have a length of 1. Normed construct scores are calculated based on the original indicators and the unstandardized weights.

The importance is calculated as the mean of the original indicators or the unstandardized construct scores, respectively. The performance is calculated as the unstandardized total effect if .level == "construct" and as the normed weight times the unstandardized total effect if .level == "indicator". The literature recommends to use an estimation as input for 'doIPMA() that is based on normed indicators, e.g., by scaling all indicators to 0 to 100, see e.g., Henseler (2021); Ringle and Sarstedt (2016).

Note, indicators are not normed internally, as theoretical maximum/minimum can differ from the empirical maximum/minimum which would lead to an incorrect normalization.


A list of class cSEMIPA with a corresponding method for plot(). See: plot.cSEMIPMA().

See Also

csem(), cSEMResults, plot.cSEMIPMA()

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