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Data: LancelotMiltgenetal2016


A data frame containing 10 variables with 1090 observations.




An object of class data.frame with 1090 rows and 11 columns.


The data was analysed by Lancelot-Miltgen et al. (2016) to study young consumers’ adoption intentions of a location tracker technology in the light of privacy concerns. It is also used in Henseler (2021) for demonstration purposes, see the corresponding tutorial.


This data has been collected through a cooperation with the European Commission Joint Research Center Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, contract “Young People and Emerging Digital Services: An Exploratory Survey on Motivations, Perceptions, and Acceptance of Risk” (EC JRC Contract IPTS No: 150876-2007 F1ED-FR).


Henseler J (2021). Composite-Based Structural Equation Modeling: Analyzing Latent and Emergent Variables. Guilford Press, New York.

Lancelot-Miltgen C, Henseler J, Gelhard C, Popovic A (2016). “Introducing new products that affect consumer privacy: A mediation model.” Journal of Business Research, 69(10), 4659–4666. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2016.04.015.


# Example is taken from Henseler (2020)
model_Med <- "
# Reflective measurement model
Trust =~ trust1 + trust2
PrCon =~ privcon1 + privcon2 + privcon3 + privcon4
Risk  =~ risk1 + risk2 + risk3
Int   =~ intent1 + intent2

# Structural model
Int   ~ Trust + PrCon + Risk
Risk  ~ Trust + PrCon
Trust ~ PrCon

out <- csem(.data = LancelotMiltgenetal2016, .model = model_Med,
            .PLS_weight_scheme_inner = 'factorial',
            .tolerance = 1e-06

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