doNonlinearEffectsAnalysis {cSEM}R Documentation

Do a nonlinear effects analysis




 .object            = NULL,
 .dependent         = NULL, 
 .independent       = NULL,
 .moderator         = NULL,
 .n_steps           = 100,
 .values_moderator  = c(-2, -1, 0, 1, 2),
 .value_independent = 0,
 .alpha             = 0.05



An R object of class cSEMResults resulting from a call to csem().


Character string. The name of the dependent variable.


Character string. The name of the independent variable.


Character string. The name of the moderator variable.


Integer. A value giving the number of steps (the spotlights, i.e., values of .moderator in surface analysis or floodlight analysis) between the minimum and maximum value of the moderator. Defaults to 100.


A numeric vector. The values of the moderator in a the simple effects analysis. Typically these are difference from the mean (=0) measured in standard deviations. Defaults to c(-2, -1, 0, 1, 2).


Integer. Only required for floodlight analysis; The value of the independent variable in case that it appears as a higher-order term.


An integer or a numeric vector of significance levels. Defaults to 0.05.


Calculate the expected value of the dependent variable conditional on the values of an independent variables and a moderator variable. All other variables in the model are assumed to be zero, i.e., they are fixed at their mean levels. Moreover, it produces the input for the floodlight analysis.


A list of class cSEMNonlinearEffects with a corresponding method for plot(). See: plot.cSEMNonlinearEffects().

See Also

csem(), cSEMResults, plot.cSEMNonlinearEffects()


## Not run: 
model_Int <- "
# Measurement models
INV =~ INV1 + INV2 + INV3 +INV4
SAT =~ SAT1 + SAT2 + SAT3
INT =~ INT1 + INT2

# Structrual model containing an interaction term.
# Estimate model
out <- csem(.data = Switching, .model = model_Int,
            # ADANCO settings
            .PLS_weight_scheme_inner = 'factorial',
            .tolerance = 1e-06,
            .resample_method = 'bootstrap'
# Do nonlinear effects analysis
neffects <- doNonlinearEffectsAnalysis(out, 
                                       .dependent = 'INT',
                                       .moderator = 'INV',
                                       .independent = 'SAT') 

# Get an overview

# Simple effects plot
plot(neffects, .plot_type = 'simpleeffects')

# Surface plot using plotly
plot(neffects, .plot_type = 'surface', .plot_package = 'plotly')

# Surface plot using persp
plot(neffects, .plot_type = 'surface', .plot_package = 'persp')

# Floodlight analysis
plot(neffects, .plot_type = 'floodlight')

## End(Not run)

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