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Calculate variance inflation factors (VIF) for weights obtained by PLS Mode B


Calculate the variance inflation factor (VIF) for weights obtained by PLS-PM's Mode B.


calculateVIFModeB(.object = NULL)



An R object of class cSEMResults resulting from a call to csem().


Weight estimates obtained by Mode B can suffer from multicollinearity. VIF values are commonly used to assess the severity of multicollinearity.

The function is only applicable to objects of class cSEMResults_default. For other object classes use assess().


A named list of vectors containing the VIF values. Each list name is the name of a construct whose weights were obtained by Mode B. The vectors contain the VIF values obtained from a regression of each explanatory variable of a given construct on the remaining explanatory variables of that construct.

If the weighting approach is not "PLS-PM" or for none of the constructs Mode B is used, the function silently returns NA.


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See Also

assess(), cSEMResults

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