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Degrees of freedom


Calculate the degrees of freedom for a given model from a cSEMResults object.


  .object     = NULL,
  .null_model = FALSE,



An R object of class cSEMResults resulting from a call to csem().


Logical. Should the degrees of freedom for the null model be computed? Defaults to FALSE.




Although, composite-based estimators always retrieve parameters of the postulated models via the estimation of a composite model, the computation of the degrees of freedom depends on the postulated model.

See: cSEM website for details on how the degrees of freedom are calculated.

To compute the degrees of freedom of the null model use .null_model = TRUE. The degrees of freedom of the null model are identical to the number of non-redundant off-diagonal elements of the empirical indicator correlation matrix. This implicitly assumes a null model with model-implied indicator correlation matrix equal to the identity matrix.


A single numeric value.

See Also

assess(), cSEMResults

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