calculateWeightsUnit {cSEM}R Documentation

Calculate composite weights using unit weights


Calculate unit weights for all blocks, i.e., each indicator of a block is equally weighted.


 .S                 = args_default()$.S,
 .csem_model        = args_default()$.csem_model,
 .starting_values   = args_default()$.starting_values



The (K x K) empirical indicator correlation matrix.


A (possibly incomplete) cSEMModel-list.


A named list of vectors where the list names are the construct names whose indicator weights the user wishes to set. The vectors must be named vectors of "indicator_name" = value pairs, where value is the (scaled or unscaled) starting weight. Defaults to NULL.


A named list. J stands for the number of constructs and K for the number of indicators.


A (J x K) matrix of estimated weights.




The mode used. Always "unit".


NULL as there are no iterations


0 as there are no iterations

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