Regen.purse {COINr}R Documentation

Regenerate a purse


Regenerates the .$Data entries in all coins by rerunning the construction functions according to the specifications in .$Log, for each coin in the purse. This effectively regenerates the results.


## S3 method for class 'purse'
Regen(x, from = NULL, quietly = TRUE, ...)



A purse class object


Optional: a construction function name. If specified, regeneration begins from this function, rather than re-running all functions.


If TRUE (default), messages are suppressed during building.


arguments passed to or from other methods.


The from argument allows partial regeneration, starting from a specified function. This can be helpful to speed up regeneration in some cases. However, keep in mind that if you change a .$Log argument from a function that is run before the point that you choose to start running from, it will not affect the results.

Note that for the moment, regeneration of purses is only partially supported. This is because usually, in the normalisation step, it is necessary to normalise across the full panel data set (see the global argument in Normalise()). At the moment, purse regeneration is performed by regenerating each coin individually, but this does not allow for global normalisation which has to be done at the purse level. This may be fixed in future releases.

See also documentation for Regen.coin() and vignette("adjustments").


Updated purse object with regenerated results.


# see examples from Regen.coin() and vignette("adjustments")

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