export_to_excel.coin {COINr}R Documentation

Export a coin to Excel


Exports the contents of the coin to Excel. This writes all data frames inside the coin to Excel, with each data frame on a separate tab. Tabs are named according to the position in the coin object. You can write other data frames by simply attaching them to the coin object somewhere.


## S3 method for class 'coin'
export_to_excel(x, fname = "coin_export.xlsx", include_log = FALSE, ...)



A coin class object


The file name/path to write to, as a character string


Logical: if TRUE, also writes data frames from the .$Log list inside the coin.


arguments passed to or from other methods.


.xlsx file at specified path


## Here we write a COIN to Excel, but this is done to a temporary directory
## to avoid "polluting" the working directory when running automatic tests.
## In a real case, set fname to a directory of your choice.

# build example coin up to data treatment step
coin <- build_example_coin(up_to = "Treat")

# write to Excel in temporary directory
export_to_excel(coin, fname = paste0(tempdir(), "\\ASEM_results.xlsx"))

# spreadsheet is at:
print(paste0(tempdir(), "\\ASEM_results.xlsx"))

# now delete temporary file to keep things tidy in testing

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