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Framework plots


Plots the hierarchical indicator framework. If type = "sunburst" (default), the framework is plotted as a sunburst plot. If type = "stack" it is plotted as a linear stack. In both cases, the size of each component is reflected by its weight and the weight of its parent, i.e. its "effective weight" in the framework.


  type = "sunburst",
  colour_level = NULL,
  text_colour = NULL,
  text_size = NULL,
  transparency = TRUE



A coin class object


Either "sunburst" or "stack".


The framework level, as an integer, to colour from. See details.


Colour of label text - default "white".


Text size of labels, default 2.5


If TRUE, levels below colour_level are differentiated with some transparency.


The colouring of the plot is defined to some extent by the colour_level argument. This should be specified as an integer between 1 and the highest level in the framework (i.e. the maximum of the iMeta$Level column). Levels higher than and including colour_level are coloured with individual colours from the standard colour palette. Any levels below colour_level are coloured with the same colours as their parents, to emphasise that they belong to the same group, and also to avoid repeating the colour palette. Levels below colour_level can be additionally differentiated by setting transparency = TRUE which will apply increasing transparency to lower levels.

This function returns a ggplot2 class object. If you want more control over the appearance of the plot, pass return the output of this function to a variable, and manipulate this further with ggplot2 commands to e.g. change colour palette, individual colours, add titles, etc. See ⁠vignette("visualisation⁠) for more details on plotting.

This function replaces the now-defunct plotframework() from COINr < v1.0.


A ggplot2 plot object


# build example coin
coin <- build_example_coin(up_to = "new_coin", quietly = TRUE)

# plot framework as sunburst, colouring at level 2 upwards
plot_framework(coin, colour_level = 2, transparency = TRUE)

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