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Percentage change of time series


Calculates the percentage change in a time series from the initial value. The time series is defined by y the response variable, indexed by x, the time variable. The per argument can optionally be used to scale the result according to a period of time. E.g. if the units of x are years, setting x = 10 will measure the percentage change per decade.


prc_change(y, x, per = 1)



A numeric vector


A numeric vector of the same length as y, indexing y in time. No NA values are allowed in x.


Numeric value to scale the change according to a period of time. See description.


This function operates in two ways, depending on the number of data points. If x and y have two non-NA observations, percentage change is calculated using the first and last values. If three or more points are available, a linear regression is used to estimate the average percentage change. If fewer than two points are available, the percentage change cannot be estimated and NA is returned.

If all y values are equal, it will return a change of zero.


Percentage change as a scalar value.


# a time vector
x <- 2011:2020

# some random points
y <- runif(10)

# find percentage change per decade
prc_change(y, x, 10)

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