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Connect to an AWS S3 bucket


s3_bucket() is a convenience function to create an S3FileSystem object that automatically detects the bucket's AWS region and holding onto the its relative path.


s3_bucket(bucket, ...)



string S3 bucket name or path


Additional connection options, passed to S3FileSystem$create()


By default, s3_bucket and other S3FileSystem functions only produce output for fatal errors or when printing their return values. When troubleshooting problems, it may be useful to increase the log level. See the Notes section in S3FileSystem for more information or see Examples below.


A SubTreeFileSystem containing an S3FileSystem and the bucket's relative path. Note that this function's success does not guarantee that you are authorized to access the bucket's contents.


bucket <- s3_bucket("voltrondata-labs-datasets")

# Turn on debug logging. The following line of code should be run in a fresh
# R session prior to any calls to `s3_bucket()` (or other S3 functions)
Sys.setenv("ARROW_S3_LOG_LEVEL", "DEBUG")
bucket <- s3_bucket("voltrondata-labs-datasets")

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